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We promote sustainable living by providing trendy Shopping Tote Bags, Yoga Mat, Bulky Knitted Yarn, Hand Knitting Woolen Yarn, Woolen Crochet Shoes, Baby Romper, Woolen Pullover, Pashmina Shawl, Pet Woolen Sweater, and many other products.
We, Mojopanda Exim Private Limited, are a renowned company that believes in being environmentally aware, socially responsible, and creative in every product of its portfolio. We follow ethical practices to deliver a highly reliable and quality assured range of organic and natural products. Our portfolio consists of Woolen Crochet Shoes, Baby Romper, Woolen Pullover, Pashmina Shawl, Shopping Tote Bags, Yoga Mat, Bulky Knitted Yarn, Hand Knitting Woolen Yarn, Pet Woolen Sweater, and many other items. Each of the product that we provide to customers is nationally and internationally certified and checked for supreme quality at different levels.

We aspire to help our customers build sustainable lifestyles to achieve the required balance between society and nature. We promote green living by providing several products that are made up of natural fibers and using socio-ecologically sustainable practices.

The company sells its products in the market under the brand name, Greenique.

Our Business Model

We love nature and work on the idea of creating a sustainable business model by conserving the traditions, increasing employment, and optimally utilizing the resources and land of the indigenous communities that are involved in sheep rearing. We also take initiatives to conserve the environment by responsibly using natural resources.

Throughout our journey, we have worked on increasing awareness about using eco-friendly products and those that are made by our local communities.

Our Purpose

At our company, we have analyzed that, as humans, we have all lost our sense of equilibrium with natural living. In the current world of technological advancements, we have taken more than we have given back to the Mother Earth. If we attain success in our endeavors, it is imperative that we re-invent our lives and take the right steps to live as per the natural order. We are making humble attempts in this direction.


At Mojopanda, we take pride in being a sustainable fashion company that deals with a huge range of products, including woolen items that are made from sheep and goat wool. Our company was started in 2015 with the idea of creating a business model for people, who are engaged in the work of sheep and goat rearing and living in the rural areas of Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, and Uttrakhand. Today, we work with the mission to attain a stand among the top manufacturers of Woollen Pullover, Pashmina Shawl, Woolen Crochet Shoes, Baby Romper, Shopping Tote Bags, Yoga Mat, Bulky Knitted Yarn, Pet Woolen Sweater, and many other products.

Our Vision

We work with the vision of seeking ways of living sustainably. At our company, we believe that it is important to have sustainable responsibility, awareness, and creativity as integral parts of our operations.

We perform operations with the awareness of having synergy between:

  • Ecological and social responsibility
  • Man and nature
  • Simple and intrinsically creative designs

Our Resources

We get wool from 2.5 million sheep, which gives employment to over 600 shepherds. By procuring wool, cotton, and other materials, we provide earning opportunities to more than 2000 women rearing Eri non-violent silk, including 500 women who hand knit and weave the fabric locally in their homes. We are also supporting around 20 women, who are focused on carpet weaving and 250 who make soft toys for kids.

Our Unique Qualities

  • 80% of our workforce is of women. We are providing livelihoods to more than 2000 women rearers in remote tribal belt in Assam with our initiatives.
  • We have attained incredible growth in the industry after growing from a little startup to an international supplier of certified organic wool. We procure and supply organic silk from the foothills of Assam and wool from the Himalayas.
  • We have rich knowledge about woolen yarns, and we make use of Kashmiri yarns that carry high softness as compared to others. We obtain the down and mid-type fibers from local communities that comb sheep or goats as the weather warms in the spring and early summer. After procurement, we use the most of the down fibers for creating high-fashion apparel.
  • We get such material, which is perfect for creating active sportwear from wool and silk blends. This range possesses qualities such as being odourless, sweat wicking, anti-bacterial, and able to keep you warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather.
  • We have received certification from GOTS and OEO-TEX for our genuine organic material.
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